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Call us today!
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Call us today!
(707) 863-0959

Island Oasis Tans offers Norvell Airbrush Tans

  • The most natural-looking sunless spray tan available.
  • Guaranteed fast-drying, streak-free formula with no orange
  • Natural golden brown cosmetic bronzer for instant color.
  • Proprietary odor inhibitor eliminates odors associated with sunless products.
Spray Tans (By appointment only)
Full body airbrush       $40
Five Spray package     $155
Legs only                     $25
Extra coat                    $5

Preparing for your spray tan

  • Exfoliate before each session to remove dry, flaky skin and dead skin cells.
  • Waxing should  be done prior to spray tan.
  • Shower and shave prior to sunless session. Avoid bar soaps and moisturizing body gels as these can hinder color development.
  • STOP! Do not apply lotion! Do not apply lotions, moisturizers, deodorants, make up or perfumes prior to your session.
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing and remove jewelry. Tight fitting clothes can rub or smear the bronzers.
  • Avoid sweating! Avoid activities that cause you to sweat excessively and possibly cause streaking of the cosmetic bronzer.
  • Avoid skin contact with water entirely for at least eight hours or you will stop the tanning action of the DHA and/or cause streaking.
  • Remember - You have just been tinted with a water-soluble solution. So follow the above steps to ensure a natural, great looking tan.


Wait to shower! Wait eight hours prior to showering. During your first shower, you will see the instant cosmetic wash off. This is natural and will not affect your tan.

Cleansing: After your session avoid using bar soaps or high pH products as they will strip and fade your new tan more rapidly.

Maintain your great looking tan after your first shower by using a sunless moisturizer. This will keep your tan healthy and and skin moisturized while adding a refreshing glow to your color. We recommend Norvell Pro Long to help keep your tan fade gradually and evenly.

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Effective January1,2012 the State of California requires all tanning bed users to be 18 years of age.


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